Request quotes

Request quotes

This endpoint is used to request quotes for a single or a basket of tokens (tokensIn), trading a against a single token out.

This is NOT an RFQ and the quote is not binding. The quote represent what you could get on the market by routing optimally in this precise moment without additional fees.

This is not in general what you will get filled for, so you should not treat this as the precise amount you will receive.

   curl \
    -X POST \
     -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
     -d '{
         "tokenOut": "0x82aF49447D8a07e3bd95BD0d56f35241523fBab1",
         "tokensIn": {
          "0xFF970A61A04b1cA14834A43f5dE4533eBDDB5CC8": "10000000",
          "0xFd086bC7CD5C481DCC9C85ebE478A1C0b69FCbb9": "10000000"