Offchain Infrastructure

Offchain Infrastructure

While Flood Plain takes care of settling orders, it does not specify how or where orders should be stored, nor how Owners should communicate with Fulfillers.

To solve this, Flood provides optional, yet highly recommended, offchain infrastructure, with the Flood Orderbook and Quote API being its main components.

All Flood offchain infrastructure is free to use.

Flood Orderbook

The orderbook aims to keep orders private, respect Zone Authentication filters, and broadcast orders efficiently to Fulfillers. You can submit orders to the orderbook via a Flood API endpoint, as detailed in the Reference.

The Flood team worked hard to ensure high availability and performance of the orderbook, but Owners should always have a backup plan for broadcasting orders and preserving liveness.

Some reasonable backup plans include:

  • Broadcasting orders publicly onchain by calling FloodPlain. See how
  • Keeping a copy of the order and sending it to a backup Fulfiller. In this case the Owner would keep a copy and submit it to their backup if the API is suspected to be out of service.

Quote API

The Quote API provides the full list of tokens supported by the Optimal Fulfiller and can be queried for non-binding quotes of token liquidations. These quotes can be used to estimate the minimum expected consideration to set in orders. Additional information is available in the Reference.