The Optimal Fulfiller

The Optimal Fulfiller

Optimal Fulfiller Price Impact

The Flood team runs the Optimal Fulfiller, which aims to fill trades as close as possible to the theoretical optimal price (opens in a new tab).

On top of that, it is written from the ground up with performance in mind and aims to give the best possible price when filling trades. All zones deployed on Flood going through the Flood Orderbook get access to the Optimal Fulfiller.

We are gradually rolling out the Optimal Fulfiller on many chains as possible and serve as many tokens as possible, we are adding tokens based on demand, so if you would like to see a token supported, please reach out on Discord (opens in a new tab).

Have the Optimal Fulfiller respect your fees

To make sure the Fulfiller respects the fees set in your zone, you need to implement the following interface:

     * @notice Get the fee information.
     * @dev It is up to Fulfiller to respect the fees set in a zone.
     * @param order The components of an order, excluding its signature.
     * @param fulfiller The address of the fulfiller.
     * @return The address of the fee recipient who should receive the fees.
     * @return The fee cut in BPS that should be taken from the output tokens.
    function fee(IFloodPlain.Order calldata order, address fulfiller) external view returns (address, uint256);